Do you and your child love earrings but find yourselves pushing through the pain after a day of wearing them? Janelle Lucero & Sydney Bledsoe, Founders of Pip Pop Post joined hour one of GTU to share what makes their earrings so special. Pip Pop Post sells high quality and is made especially for sensitive ears, at a price point parents can justify.

Pip Pop Post is a brand new earring line! Founders Lucero and Bledsoe are sister-in-laws living in Seattle and Salt Lake City. Lucero and Bledsoe design custom earrings keeping children in mind. But anyone can wear Pip Pop! 

Each pair of earrings has a flat screw back & a shorter post which provides added security & comfort. Everything from the packaging to designs is all geared towards little girls. This makes earrings more wearable, whether you decide to sleep, play, or do any other daily activities! Pip Pop Post earrings are not only cute but wearable. 

Pip Pop’s first launch was The Classics Set, which includes a Freshwater Pearl, The Stud, The Huggie, The Bow, & The Heart. There is something for everyone at Pip Pop Post. 

Shop the “Classics Collection” now! Use code “goodthings” for free shipping at checkout. 

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