Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and embrace their inner beauty. Lost Girl Reflections has managed to merge the two with these custom mirrors to create beautiful and empowering messages. Your inner beauty will be overflowing to the outside. Madison Willianson, CEO of Lost Girl Reflections started the business shortly after getting married. Williamson became a stepmother to a darling 10 year old girl and wanted to find fun and creative ways to decorate her new daughter’s living space. Williamson has an extensive array of designs and patterns for her mirrors that she customizes and lovingly makes for each customer. “Everything is custom. All you have to do is message me what you want. It’s so fun.” said Williamson. The mirrors serve a purpose but also are a great way to spruce up your living space. 

Williamson brought a few of her favorites to GTU including a mirror shaped like a record player with “Salt Lake City” written across, a groovalicious purple flower with a smiley face inside, mermaid shaped mirror, and circular mirrors with positive affirmation. Williamson even had a mirror that had a silhouette of the person who inspired her, her stepdaughter. Lost Girl Reflections has also made designs that many Utahans can enjoy that includes images of the Wasatch Mountains. Williamson has also included religious inspired mirrors that depict Christ and the Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

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