Deliver a top notch performance of song and dance right to you! Stephen Brown, artistic and executive director of SB Dance has found a safe way to create art, with Curbside Theater Pickup. This mobile outdoor performance travels on a small trailer, and with a quick set up and tear down, the experience feels like magic.

“We come to you. It can be a home, a park, we pull up to your location. The set up of audio and visual equipment is lightning fast, we do a short performance, a couple of pieces. Then we strip it all down and go.”

This innovative offering is perfect for a small party, or gathering of friends or neighbors. The audience gets a feast for the senses on this 8 x 5 stage. Various modern dance vignettes are set to songs by musical duo Ischa and Raffi, with each telling a compelling story. The ten person cast performs both duets, and solos, with a 60’s lounge vibe, it’s dressy and slick.

Stephen tells us the feedback he’s received has been wonderful, with audience experiencing a catharsis after the show. “This is just the thing to connect us amidst crisis. The team has been performing all over since mid-June through Salt Lake and Summit County.”

Choose from ordering a quick performance which is the length of one song, to the tailgate experience, where multiple performances take place. Masks and social distancing is required.

To make a reservation, visit