Catering and event designer with Cuisine Unlimited, McCall Gray, and Chef de Cuisine Bianca Colin joined us for our wedding themed show! McCall talked us through the current trends of setting up a stunning tablescape, the in-house florals, and more. Bianca showed us a mouth-watering menu, flavor profiles, pairings, and accommodations.

Cuisine Unlimited was proudly woman-founded and owned over 40 years ago by a well-known name in the industry, Maxine Turner. Since her retirement in 2021, the company has continued to grow strong under new management and expand more into the wedding industry. 

You’re in expert hands with Cuisine Unlimited, when it comes to weddings, corporate events, donor luncheons, conferences, private/social, anniversary, birthday, baby shower, celebration of life, funeral, and so much more. If you can dream it, no matter the size or need, they can do it.

Thanksgiving Meals are available for pick up! Place your order online by 5 pm MST on November 21, 2022 at

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