SALT LAKE, UT – Snuggle up with these blankets this winter season. Brian Severson, owner of Blankets By Brian, is here to show us his super soft blankets.  One of the great things about these blankets is that they come in all sizes so there is something for everyone. They have large blankets for adults, medium blankets for kids, blankets for babies, but lastly, they have sensory blankets. These blankets have different sensory features and are a great grounding tool for people with autism, panic attacks, ADHD, and ADD.  

They are offering 35% on new collections and regular priced items or everything in the “What’s New in 2022” category on their website. There is a bonus given away to the first 20 orders, they will receive a free gift of one fidget blanket with the worth of $60. This sale expires 11/21/2022, so go Christmas shopping now and save your money.