Poet and educator Lin Flores sat down with us to discuss creativity in the LGTBQ+ community along with her beautiful poetry book. We talk the need for allies to understand that acceptance is a good step but it isn’t progressive enough. Visibility, duality, and celebration are at the forefront of the new generation of Americans and Utahans. 

Lin explores these themes in her book as she moves past shame into self-acceptance. Poetry was truly a form of expression that saved their life. LGBTQ people who have a support system are more likely to survive and thrive, allies can be that support system. Listen to other experiences, believ someone’s reality, diversify your friendships, reading materials, workplace, and show up for the LBGTQ community.

Lin tells us she is currently in a stage of her journey where poems can be full of hope, happiness, and authenticity.

They encourage us to practice writing a poem to express yourself, start with the model “Things I Wish I Could Have Told You” by Lin Flores.

Where folx find support: Celebrate Therapy, Flourish Therapy, Encircle Therapy, The Pride Center, Under The Umbrella Bookstore, FAM (friends, allies, mentors), Called to Queer Podcast, and Unidxs Community Council. 

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