Clever Octopus is Salt Lake’s only nonprofit arts and crafts thrift store. The company hopes to keep unnecessary waste out of the landfill by turning affordable, donated supplies into new, creative things. 

Communications Coordinator, Kate Jarman Gates, is here to share what creative reuse means. She teaches how you can take things you could normally throw away and turn them into something creative that you can reuse. One of her favorites this time of year is using old bedsheets as gift wrap, known as furoshiki in Japanese.

When making furoshiki you have to make sure you start with a square. You can do this by folding over a corner and cutting it evenly. You can visit the Clever Octopus Blog on the web for craft tutorials, including how to finish the edges of your furoshiki. 

Gates also explained that fabric is a difficult item to break down, so one of the ways she likes to reuse it is for covering leftover food. She covered scrap fabric in beeswax and it now makes for a great way to store your food. 

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