Caramel apples are the perfect fall treat! The combo of sweet with a sour twist is a must for the season. Dallin Steinman of Zapplz came to share these custom caramel apples that have the cutest designs.

Founded by Steinman’s mother in 2004, Zapplz has been a Utah County staple for almost two decades. With a storefront in American Fork, Steiman’s mother originally started the business 18 years ago to have extra money and started selling at a high school football game. The apples range from a classic caramel to other twists in flavors such as strawberry shortcake, s’more, peanut butter and even Tajin. Zapplz were sold at Fan X and sold over 1300 during the convention.

Zapplz’s claim to fame also includes their apples that are customed designed including wedding inspired and missionary apples. Other designs have included a likeness of musician, Sia and even the poop emoji. Nothing is used in these designs except caramel and chocolate. Each item in made by hand including the caramel from scratch. Zapplz has custom apples for any season, especially Halloween. Their peak season is during the school year, September through May.

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