Listing every tradition and commitment at the holidays that caused stress, Cat Palmer and her partner decided to throw them all out the window! She says, “not only are we not celebrating Christmas on the 25th, we will not be making anything traditional except pies and wassail. We have decided to focus on what kids love to eat and what we love to make. Say no to stress!”

There are no rules, and you can create new traditions and memories at any time. Cat’s family will celebrate on the 26th with a late brunch and a lazy day of presents. This gives their adult children a chance to make the rounds with families of their significant others on the 25th, and younger kids a change to spend quality time with their dad.

Cat tells us they did away with traditional wrapping paper to opt for paper they can use year round! Bottom line, if it brings you joy, keep it and if it doesn’t, change it up!

There are also creative gift ideas, and it’s not too late to get inspiration from Cat’s ideas! She says if you have something you love and are obsessed with, gift it. For her family, it’s their to-go coffee cup that they give with a bag of their favorite local coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.

They also bought a case of wine in bulk as well as outdoor wine tumblers, a great gift for those friends that love going to Red Butte concerts or entertaining in their backyard. 

Costco carries a lot of award winning candy in bulk this time of year. She gets cute tiny treat bags to make the presents a little sweeter and cuter! 

Cat tries to support local as much possible! Find ideas on her blog!