SPRINGVILLE, UT (Good Things Utah) – Helping young girls and women develop a positive body image and confidence is what Tanya Macdonald is all about. Today she joined us to talk about a positive body image and confidence event for teen girls coming up at the end of April.

This topic became important to Tanya during her time in college after she took a Body Image and Self-Esteem class. This course opened her eyes to the effects of media on teen girls and how many girls and women have a poor body image. 

There are many tips Tanya has for teens to help them develop a positive body image. To improve their confidence about their body, Tanya suggests that teens and women have positive self-talk, embrace the unique qualities about themselves, focus less on their looks and more on their talents, and be kind to others. It is also important for young girls and women to be careful about what they watch in the media, and to examine the messages they are seeing.

Tanya is the founder of project Embrace You, which is holding an event on April 28th in Springville to help young girls and teens develop confidence about their bodies. Tanya has done presentations before, but she wants to take this event to the community level and help people develop confidence in a fun way. 

You can find more information about body positivity and this upcoming event on the Embrace You website at www.alwaysembraceyou.com or on Instagram at @always_embrace_you_.