SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Stand 4 Kind is more than just a non-profit organization – it’s a movement. A movement dedicated to creating a culture of kindness in schools and communities. At the forefront of this movement are two incredible individuals – Josh Downs and Jessica Harris joined us on the show to share the message of Stand 4 Kind.

The organization provides training and support for students, administrators, teachers, staff, and parents to face and overcome the challenges while helping to create a culture of kindness. As a 10-year-old Utah non-profit, they are both state and federally funded. Harris detailed specific resources and tools accessible through their website and app that is designed to help parents support their teens when they are struggling.

Downs talked about their LYFT (Lift Your Fellow Teens) program which they share in assemblies and classrooms throughout the state. Students nominate their peers they feel could use some support to receive a LYFT kit. For elementary aged kids, they use stuffed animal sheep dogs to encourage kids at a young age to look out for each other.

The Stand 4 Kind duo also shared a story about a young boy named John Carpoff. After visiting his school “as Batman” and sharing a story about a young man who made a difference in the lives of others just by holding open a door for others each day, John took it upon himself to start holding the front doors open each morning for his classmates. His small act of kindness inspired many and is a true testament to the impact Stand 4 Kind is making in communities.