Kyriaki Joy was back in studio today with craft ideas to keep the kids busy and off the screens while home on holiday break!

 1. Memory Ornament: Measure your child’s height with a beautiful holiday ribbon.                    Cut the ribbon and place in a clear, plastic craft ornament. Decorate the outside of                      the ornament with the child’s handprint. You can add their name and age to the                            outside or in a special note on the inside so you remember how small they once                          were. This one also makes a great gift for grandparents. 

  2. Santa Math Game: Decorate a Santa face that you either print out from the                           computer, or make your own, like we did. Each person takes turns rolling a dice and                   adding that number of either cotton balls or marshmallows to Santa’s beard. At each                   turn you add more and more, counting the totals together each time, until the                               marshmallows are all used up and on Santa’s beard. You can play again using                             subtraction, until all the marshmallows are off Santa’s beard. 

3. Christmas Tree Decor Craft: For little ones who are OBSESSED with                                   decorating the tree, like mine is, this is a great distraction. SImply cut a tree shape                       out of green felt. Then hot glue pieces of velcro backing all around the tree. Next,                         create your own ornaments and hot glue the alpha side of velcro to the back of each                   ornament. Now your little one can pull off and on the ornaments and redecorate their tree!

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