Cozy cabins top Airbnb’s list of trendy new destinations

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah this morning – With the holidays ahead people are eagerly looking into seasonal travel plans and curating a wish list of trendy new destinations. From mid-sized college football towns and places known for spectacular holiday festivals to warmer destinations, U.S. guests are setting new trends for Christmas. Airbnb revealed that cozy cabins made the top unique listing for the holidays and shared its most wish listed cozy cabins to celebrate in this year. We have the locations that are the hottest in cold weather.
  • Plus, last year, Thanksgiving and Black Friday looked a little different, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While holiday shopping has increasingly shifted to online in recent years, the pandemic led to an e-commerce boom. But this year, many retailers will also focus on in-person shoppers, as in seasons past. This holiday season, industry watchers say consumers may opt to shop in stores because of shortages and supply chain issues, and reports of slower mail service. While you can still get a lot of deals online, if you are ready to hit the stores, you’ll want to know what’s open on Thanksgiving Day and what time you can score in-person savings on Black Friday.
  • And Hooters, a restaurant that has historically held chicken wings and human bodies in similar tiers of reverence, has always had its waitresses display their physical assets as part of the standard uniform. Recently though, the body part most revered by society has shifted from the chest further south. Butts are in! And while the Hooters uniform shorts are skimpy, they weren’t designed with this much focus on butts in mind. So new uniforms designed to emphasize the posterior were issued. Quite a few Hooters’ waitresses weren’t happy with the change. On TikTok, one employee named Autumn Illingworth tried on the new shorts to find that they were cut differently, leaving much more skin exposed than previous pairs. Another employee said that hot shorts were essentially underwear. “All right so we all know why half the Hooters girls want to quit,” Illingworth’s video is captioned.
  • Finally, the big 4-0. It will come before you know it. So in the meantime, you need to live your thirties to the fullest. The thirties are so fabulous because you’re settled in who you are, and in many cases, settled in a career. You’re not a newbie or a “youngin” anymore, but you’re still vivacious enough to take risks, go out for a night of fun, and your sexy age makes you adored by young and old. The fact is your confidence is sexier than your wrinkle-free, 20-year-old face and you know it. Your friendships are established, and while you’re still interested in exploring yourself and the world, you know where you’re headed or where you want to go. So what do you need to check off that bucket list before the next decade? Tune in or click here for more: Hope you join us for these Hot Topics and more on a fun Friday edition of GTU Hour 1!

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