Could you be sabotaging your sleep and Kylie Jenner releases her baby collection

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  • On GTU this morning – There has been a lot of confusion about breakthrough COVID-19 infections recently, what it means to test positive after being fully vaccinated, what the risk for developing “long COVID” is and how vaccinated people can spread the coronavirus. The truth is that scientists are still learning about post-vaccination infections and are still digging for answers to these questions, including how long people with breakthrough injections are contagious. But given the data available so far, most infectious disease specialist agree it is most certainly less than unvaccinated people who get COVID-19. Numerous studies have found that vaccinated people who test positive generally clear the virus out much faster than unvaccinated people who are infected, suggesting that those with breakthrough cases are most likely contagious for a shorter period of time. To find out more click here:
  • Plus, Peloton star Cody Rigsby has tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time after his Dancing with the Stars partner Cheryl Burke contracted the virus. Rigsby shared he had breakthrough COVID in an Instagram video Thursday, admitting it was news he didn’t “want to be sharing.” “I have tested positive for COVID again, the second time this year,” he began, adding that his symptoms, which include mild congestion, headache and cough, are not as bad as when he had the virus back in February before he was vaccinated.
  • And speaking of DWTS, did you see host Tyra Bank’s dress Monday? She has gone viral this week thanks to the outfit she changed into halfway through Monday night’s episode of “Dancing with the Stars”: a larger-than-life red gown accentuated by oversized fan-shaped sleeves. While the internet was intrigued by the look, many compared it to the dilophosaurus that killed Wayne Knight’s character, Dennis Nedry, in the classic 1993 movie “Jurassic Park.” We have the side-by-sides you need to see!
  • Finally, are you guilty of Revenge Bedtime? Deena tells us what sabotaging your sleep may be doing to your entire work day… and Kylie Jenner releases her new baby line of products. We have a first peek of everything pink, blue and baby! Hope you join us for a fun Friday edition of GTU Hour 2.

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