Could a husband doing more chores end his marriage in divorce?

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On Good Things Utah today- Surae brought up a study done in Norway that states the more chores a husband does in the household, the more likely their marriage could end in divorce! Could it be true? The study says that couples living in a “traditional” household (where women do all the housework) may be better off in the long run.

If that marriage does end in divorce however, you could find yourself alone. But there is beauty in that Deena said. She shared an article stating how important it is to have alone time, and if you’re not comfortable with it, something has to change.

Alone time is something that moms don’t get enough of! Especially when the kids are little. An influencer and mother-of-two, Sara Wanselm who lives in Sweden, took to Instagram to share an intimate photo and emotional message. She was seated on the toilet crying, just trying to escape from her kids for a moment of peace and quiet, but then she realized how grateful she was for her kids to WANT to be with her 24/7.

Lastly, Brian shared three French insults that are too funny to believe. Watch the clip to learn what they are and what they mean.

We dove into a bonus round of table talk today, starting with big news! It’s official, the royal baby is a ginger! Speaking of hair, have you heard of hair contouring? It’s a hair coloring trick that will make your thin hair appear thicker. Finally on the beauty note, what does your brow shape say about your personality? Watch the clip above to discover!

From sleep walking to night terrors, kids can do some creepy things at night! Hear a few that parents have shared.

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