Dr. Edward Rice, author and professor of “Introducing Cosmic Granny In A Score To Settle” discuss his illustrated children’s book about an African-American grandmother superhero! We loved our chat, as he tells us two decades working in both journalism and education helped to pen this twist on a superhero tale, inspired by his own family.

The 32-page book teaches young children about conflict resolution and forgiveness as Cosmic Granny, a retired Intergalactic Space Commander and Defender of the Cosmos, is forced to settle a decades-long feud with her former best friend.

Dr. Rice, a journalism professor for California State University system-wide program, CalStateTEACH, and Moreno Valley College, wrote the book when he was 12 and recently updated it when his father found it in the garage. The book was published by Innovative Ink Publishing, a division of Kendall Hunt Publishing, and is available via Barnes and Noble and online!

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