The holiday season is filled with fun, but can also be stressful. Cori Sartori spoke about handling those stressful emotions this holiday season. A lot of times, she said, when people are stressed it is because they are living in the past or the future, not in the present moment. She shared three practices to live in the moment.

The first is to move your body. Take a yoga class, go to a spin class, walk, run or any other physical activity that may be of interest. 

The second is meditation. Even a five minute meditation in the morning can help to begin the day right. Walking meditation is also an option. 

The third practice is to set an intention. An intention is something like a word or quote that can help to ground you. She cites gratitude as an example of an intention. When times get tough, focus on that word and think of what you may be grateful for. 

The goal is to practice all three of these, but in order to begin, start small. Begin your mindfulness practice with one of these actions, then add them into the routine slowly. Sartori said that it is important to start the day with mindfulness, practicing every day and creating a routine. 

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