Cooling off with the Penguin Brothers

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There’s no mistaking that bright pink food truck — that means the Penguin Brothers are in town! With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time for gourmet ice cream sandwiches. You can get your fill at their food truck, their popular Provo location, or their newly-opened store in Sugar House.

The brothers and masterminds behind this food truck and food catering service, Brandon and Blake Bardull, joined us on the show to explain how they’ve perfected the art of delectable sweet treats. The two have been making waves in the catering industry by taking ice cream sandwiches to the next level. From their hilarious menu-item names to their baby blue suits, these brothers are all about fun. And that’s exactly what they like to bring to people. The Penguin Brothers cater for weddings and events, so invite them over for a great time!

Whatever you’re craving, they’ve got you covered with a large variety of ice cream flavors and cookie choices. These brothers have it all from sweet chocolate chip to tangy lemon. And what better way to eat ice cream than sandwiched between two fresh and delicious cookies?

Learn more at and @penguinbrothers on Instagram.

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