Let’s talk stubborn, unwanted fat. Is it safe to say nobody wants it? We’ll go ahead and guess that no one loves extreme dieting or rigorous workout plans either (if you do, kudos).

What if we told you there was a solution? Meet CoolSculpting. Lauren Evjie from Spa Trouve joined us in studio to talk about this popular procedure, and whether or not you’re a candidate for it!

CoolSculpting targets exercise and diet resistant pockets of subcutaneous fat — in other words, the fat that refuses to disappear no matter how strenuous your workouts are. Most people tend to have at least one or two “trouble areas,” and CoolSculpting offers the perfect solution.

Whether it’s your chin, arms, back and flanks, abdomen, or inner/outer thighs, CoolSculpting will freeze the fat cells and leave you with that dream bod. To know whether or not your trouble spot is treatable, a professional will look at the small pocket of volume to see if it’s pinchable. If it’s pinchable, it’s a go.

The treatment itself isn’t painful or invasive — a little cold, yes, but you’re numb for the majority of the procedure. After the technician hooks you up to the CoolSculpting applicator, each area will take about 40 minutes. You do need to sit relatively still so sit back, relax, and let the machine do all the work.

To see noticeable results, most patients need about two treatments. Each treatment will produce an average 25% fat cell reduction in the given area.

To show love for CoolSculpting, Spa Trouve is hosting a huge CoolSculpting celebration this week! It’s a perfect opportunity to learn more about the treatment if you’re interested. They will have a demo going, ice cream from SubZero (how chillingly fitting), and will be handing out $100 shopping sprees to Hope Avenue if you decide to go forward with a treatment! Cute clothes and CoolSculpting? What’s not to love?

And in addition, Spa Trouve will be offering an amazing BOGO 50% deal for CoolSculpting! So, if you’ve ever wanted to try out this popular procedure, now’s the time!

And if you call Spa Trouve and RSVP for the event today, be sure to mention that you saw Lauren on Good Things Utah because you’ll receive a FREE chemical peel with your CoolSculpting purchase! Don’t miss out!

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