The 10th season of The HISTORY® Channel’s popular survival series “Alone” will push a new group of brave participants to the limit as they tap into their impressive survival skills in a fight to be the last person standing and win the $500,000 cash prize. Dropped in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada – home to vicious predators including territorial black bear, wolves, and moose, the ten survivalists will compete, endure bone-chilling temperatures and face off against some of the largest animals in North America to last for as long as they can. With just ten survival items per person and enough camera gear to self-document their experiences, this is the series’ toughest season yet.

We got to chat with season 10 contestant Mikey Helton, who grew up in a small town in Georgia where most of his time was spent in the wilderness. He often had to live without common comforts, which meant having no running water or electricity and leaning into living by hunting, tracking animals, fishing, trapping, purifying water and making fire. Mikey is a carpenter by trade. Alongside his wife and five children, Mikey practices a lot of natural and traditional methods like making natural medicines, harvesting wild foods, and crafting with natural materials. His youngest son is autistic, but even through his son’s daily challenges, Mikey and his family bring healing to their situation by enjoying time in nature. 

Cheer on Mikey Thursday, June 8th!