Compliments for men and all you really need are three good friends

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  • On GTU hour 2, Nicea and Reagen get a visit from Ovation resident Francis, who says, “My girls are at Ovation! I can’t believe it.” When explaining her experience at Ovation, she said it’s like living at a resort, and she’s never been happier. Ovation Sienna Hills has everything from villas, independent living to memory care services. The residents have a girls’ get-together planned as well as pickleball outside. It’s a great place to be if you or someone you know is looking for an assisted living center. 
  • Next, here are some compliments you can give to the men in your life that are sure to mean a lot. You can say, “I appreciate all you have taught me” to a parent or grandparent. Men also would love to hear “Your children are so kind” because it makes them feel they have done a good job as a parent. “You’re a great cook” and “You get more patient every day” are also great compliments. “You’re man enough” helps validate and assure men that they are adequate as they are. 
  • And, Nicea highlights Jon, who competed in the Huntsmans World Senior Games in 2020. They are being held right now in St. George. There are over 50 competitors from all over the world who will be competing in 34 different events. 
  • Plus, all you really need are three good friends, according to Opera. She shares how she met her best friend Gale in a bathroom and had an instant connection that has lasted over 40 years. Her other two best friends are Maria Schriver and Bob Green, and she pretty much has just stuck with those three. 
  • Next, Asian American children are underdiagnosed when it comes to learning disabilities. 7% of Asian Americans are served under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which is the smallest group. The author explains this is because of the lack of awareness of her parents. They experienced shame and didn’t want to reach out. Some also face language, socioeconomics, cultural barriers, and confusion about what constitutes a disability. 
  • And, who do you invite to your children’s birthday party? One teacher mentions that she will not hand out invitations to her class unless all the kids are invited. Another parent expressed their desire to help her kids cope with not getting invited. It is a tough balance. 

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