Companies are now selling ‘vaccine ready’ clothing

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  • On Good Things Utah this morning – As COVID-19 vaccination becomes a reality for more Americans, people are starting to prepare for the realities of getting a shot. Some are scheduling a day off of work when they get the shot in case they experience side effects, and others are eagerly figuring out where they can get their vaccine cards laminated. Meanwhile, the fashion retailer Revolve is helping people plan their vaccination outfits with a category dedicated to shirts with exposed shoulders!
  • Plus, Mark Uomoto, like many others, wasn’t able to visit with his mom, Yoshia, for more than a year during the coronavirus pandemic. But finally that all changed on Tuesday, when he was able to surprise his 98-year-old mom at her assisted living home in a sweet moment that was captured on camera. We’ll show you the sweet pictures that have now gone viral.
  • And Surae has ideas on how to make Easter egg hunts fun for your big kids this weekend. (Here’s a hint: have cash ready!)
  • Finally, although Easter is typically a high point in the church year, featuring joyous songs and sermons about Jesus Christ rising from the dead, many members are seeming depressed this year rather than uplifted by the service. Twelve months and hundreds of thousands of deaths later, “much different” feels like a major understatement. COVID-19 has shaken the country and the whole world to its core. The losses and other painful events from the past year bring additional significance to Easter events, according to church leaders. This weekend, Christians will celebrate not just the miracle described in the Bible, but also the miracle of vaccines and other medicines making normal life feel almost possible again. To read the entire article click here:
  • Hope you join us this morning for a Friday edition of GTU!
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