Husband and wife director duo Matt and Brooklyn Kohler from Desert Star Playhouse came to Good Things Utah to talk about their newest project, ‘Calamity Jane’. The play is about the titular character, historical American frontierswoman from the Wild West, who was best known for her relationship with Wild Bill Hickok. They call it “a story about a sharpshooter.”  The show premiered nearly two weeks ago on Thursday, Jul. 28 and plays for another month with the last show on Saturday, Sept. 10. The actors and crew rehearsed over the course of four weeks including twelve rehearsals and two days of tech. The Kohlers have worked with the most talented and versatile actors including GTU host and part-time thespian Deena Manzanares. The Kohlers have been involved in theatre since the 1990s and have been both actors and crew. They even met at Desert Star making them a Desert Star love story. The Kohlers also will have an appearance in ‘Calamity Jane’.

Desert Star is known for its original and unique plays that are satirical and comedic including ‘Legally Brunette’, ‘Dracula: He Loved in Vein’ and ‘A White Christmas Story’. The shows are a great time and very campy yet endearing and enjoyable for everyone. The shows are appropriate for all ages and The Kohlers say their 11 year old daughter loves the shows. They also have fabulous food and bar items so you can enjoy a feast with every show. Desert Star has been serving the state for over 30 years. “It’s a musical melodrama house. It’s all parodies. It’s family friendly. It’s not your typical three hour musical where your kids are restless.” said Mr. Kohler. The actors are very interactive with the audience and often very unpredictable. “You never quite know what’s going to happen. We jokingly say ‘it’s never the same show twice.’ And it’s not because the audience plays a part and a role in the show.” said Mrs. Kohler. We also were privileged to hear a song from the play performed by  Ariana Bagley as Calamity Jane and Jenny Riley as Ambrosia Hepsibah. 

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