Angel Shannon discussed exhaustion and how to combat it in a few easy-to-do steps earlier today in the studio.  

Shannon said that her top recommendation for combating stress-caused exhaustion is to meditate. But she had a couple easy to execute tips for calming down and achieving that mindful state.  

First, she said that if you have a large to-do list, take things one step at a time. Instead of looking at the list, focus on the next item or task that you need to accomplish. This can help keep you focused and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.  

Next, she said that whenever you feel the need to take a moment, you should take it. No matter what time of day or where you are, taking a moment to ground yourself is beneficial and can help you clarify and focus your thoughts. She also said that this is easy to do if you can recognize the symptoms of stress, such as not being able to think clearly. When taking a moment, you should use mindful breathing which includes at least six deep breaths to help you feel centered.  

Shannon also recommends being unattached to an outcome. She shared a favorite saying “expectations are the beginning of resentment” and explained that having firm expectations creates more stress. She also said that you should honor your worth and refocus more energy on yourself instead of spending it all on others and other things. To do this, she recommends journaling and finding a couple of mantras. 

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