Brett and Kristin Walker with Momilabs stopped by to share their all natural relief for congestion. Morning Miracle is an all-natural option for relief from congestion and allergy symptoms. It’s safe for all ages and pregnant women, too! Free of side-effects, Morning Miracle doesn’t cause headaches, brain fog, daytime fatigue, dry nose, or difficulty sleeping.

This was created out of desperation because Brett was sick of taking over the counter medication and going to doctors for shots. After much research, Morning Miracle was born!

It uses the gut to do the work, and it’s fast acting. You’ll notice relief in just 15-20 minutes! Morning miracle also boosts immunity and hydrates. It includes a daily dose of vitamin c, apple cider vinegar powder, and natural antihistamine butterbur.

Including electrolytes, there is also an energy option with 60 mg of caffeine. You can drink Morning Miracle every morning, throughout the day, and evening. Drink hot or cold every 4-6 hours, and with convenient stick packs they’re easy to take on the go!

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