Alice Meridith, Canyons District Director of Elementary School Performance, talks back-to-school time and how to prepare students to return after the summer break. We all remember the anxiety, excitement and even the fear. 

It’s important to put into a place a schedule, so establish routines well before the first day of school. Try to start getting your kids to bed a little earlier and wake them up at a specific time in the morning. 

Parents this one’s for you! Make sure students feel prepared. Reduce their anxieties by making sure they have a pencil, some paper and some folders in a backpack, at least a few items so they can take notes or store an assignment.

If families need help with school supplies, reach out to the school! They can find a way to help through the Canyons Education Foundation or other local nonprofits.  

A child’s attitude about school starts at home. If parents are positive with their kids around the dinner table, then the students are likely to feel good about making that next step into a new grade. Parents could make positive statements like, “You’re ready for this. I know you’re going to have a fantastic year,” or “You’re going to have so much fun and make so many new friends.” Parents could tell them to remember this:  Everyone else is probably nervous, too A smile goes a long way with everyone at the school even the teachers.