TikTok’s newest fashion trend is all the rage here at Good Things Utah! The “Coastal Grandma” Look is the hottest summer fashion craze. Fashion guru and frequent GTU guest Dani Slaugh of “Style by Dani ” came to show us how to achieve the look. Even without an official coat here in the Beehive State, this look is perfect for both Lake Powell or Bear Lake Utahan. If a body of water isn’t your speed, fret not as this look is great for any summer occasion. Don’t let the name deceive you, this isn’t just for the boomer babes. This look is very fashion forward with a classy yet sexy timeless look appropriate for gals of all ages, shapes and sizes.

This look has a retro and preppy East Coast vibe reminiscent of the 1980s-1990s women’s summer fashion and will make you feel like you’ve spent time at Martha’s Vineyard, The Hamptons or Cape Cod. If you’re more of a west coast type of girl, this would be perfect for any Pacific Northwest occasion in Bainbridge Island or even for a California Casual look at the Catalina Wine Mixer .”It’s comfy, it’s chic, it’s casual. It’s very coastal,” said Slaugh. “I would say it’s a little more relaxed preppy.” This sporty look will be something you, your mother and your grandmother will be swooning over. The aesthetic crosses generations and looks effortless yet elegant and has been a staple item for decades by beloved A-listers like Martha Stewart and Diane Keaton. The coastal grandma look also has a male counterpart, “The Coastal Grandpa” which will be the perfect look for your man. Slaugh advocates men wearing pinks to bring out their natural lip and blush color. 

We start the outfit with a button up blouse which Slaugh says you can “feel free to pop the collar” like the times of yesteryear to help frame the face.  “These are classics anyone can wear,” said Slaugh. Slaugh brought a gauzy white button up which has a wrinkle chic design that is perfect for travel and fits in your suitcase with ease. Crinkle cloth has been a favorite of hers. No ironing necessary! The shirt can be tucked in or half tucked and pairs well with straight legged khaki pants that you can roll up at the ankle for an effortless chic look. 

The style is mostly neutral colors but if you want a pop of color to your outfit opt for washed out colors like coastal blue and muted pink or green. “Picture taking your bright colored beach towel and you leave it out in the sun and the sun bleaches it, those are the colors we’re looking for.” said Slaugh. Slaugh has found success getting this attire at J. Crew, Banana Republic, H&M and even Old Navy. Linen pants are also a fan favorite and something that is a must have for any vacation near the shore. In addition to the crinkle clothes, Slaugh recommends opting for organic textiles when shopping that are optimal for traveling. A white jean can also complete the look with a muted colored top or you can go for a monochromatic look. Slaugh also brought a pair of wide leg shorts from Banana Republic that she recommends for people with hips as they look very flattering. Don’t be intimidated to try something new. Pleats are back and are perfect for the gal with a little bit of belly. 

No look is complete without accessories! Slaugh brought sun hats which she says are a must not only to complete the festive look but also to protect your skin from the sun. The sun hats are usually straw color but also commonly found in the coastal colors. You can also opt for a bucket hat. Slides are also a must at the beach or pool. Slaugh found some at J. Crew for less than $20. A sweater also can be a fun addition to the ‘fit and loose mesh is the way to go. You can complement the sweater with a mesh coastal blue handbag that’s perfect for the beach since sand will not be on the inside. Long are the days of having to compromise style or comfort. You can now have it all. 

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