At 20 years old, Jaela, designer of Jaejudo, is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She came by the set to talk about her passion for pursuing fashion and creating pieces that are unique while establishing her unique fashion brand.

It was started just a year ago during the pandemic when Jaela started thrifting tapestries. Jaejudo all started when she saw a blanket in the thrift store and sewed it into pants. She saw it was popular among her friends, and now she has turned her original idea of pants into shorts, jackets, skirts, hoodies, sweaters and coats. Jaela sources her fabrics from a factory in the United States where she gets to see and pick out the fabrics before they are sent.

Jaela also does fashion shows to show off her designs! She did three this past summer using local models and being the creative director behind the scenes. As far as a support system, Jaela says her parents help her a lot and her mom accompanied her into the studio with a gleaming smile.

As far as what is next for Jaejudo, Jaela says she hopes to start creating puffer jackets and trench coats for the winter months.

To get your hands on these unique pieces visit the Jaejudo website and for more fashion inspiration check out their Instagram and TikTok.