Emma and Julie Robb joined the show in honor of their family member Johnny Robb. Hey Issues, the business with a mission to end the stigma around mental health and spread awareness about suicide. 

Created by Johnny Robb, he faced struggles and issues behind the scenes that others never would have known about. Fun, loving and compassionate, he started Hey Issues with the intent of representing the issues everyone has, big or small, such as anxiety and depression, or even something as minor as insecurities or bouts of sadness. Johnny passed in 2020 from suicide, and his family is now carying on his legacy, making a change in the world for the better. 

Hey Issues is here to be the real, the fun, the raw, the trendy. Dropping their newest sweater line. In addition to sweaters, they sell other items of clothing including their specialty hats, each named after Johnny Robb’s family and friends who supported him through his trying times. 

This brand donates to NAMI Utah, a program that advocates for individuals and families affected by mental health in any way. 

Their motto, “Let’s talk. Hey Issues! We get ig. We all have them,” their donations and their memories make this business one that is trendy, for a cause and more than worth it.  

Get a discount by using the code goodthingsutah20 now! The discount ends on the 22 of October.

Website: https://heyissues.com/ Instagram: @hey_issues