Cars aren’t the only cause of poor air quality! Thom Carter, UCAIR executive director, and Blair Blackwell, manager of corporate affairs for Salt Lake Refinery at Chevron stopped by the studio. They informed us of the problem water heaters are also causing to the air.

Residential water heaters and furnaces are significant sources of nitrogen oxides (NOx), a gas important in the formation of ozone and fine particles that contribute to Utah’s air quality issues. There are no perfect answers, but Utah Clean Air has simple solutions. They suggest exchanging your standard water heater to an ultra-low nitrogen oxide water heater, which reduces emissions by 75%.

Air quality is an important issue here in Utah. When it comes to critical community issues, Chevron wants to help. They are partnering with UCAIR to hold a water heater exchange for the second time. The program is open again for Utahns to help clean our air and in return the two companies are giving out a $500 rebate. So exchange your heater and install A Low NOx Water Heater to clear our air today.

For more information go to They have all the details and the application to apply for your rebate.

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