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Zerorez is known for being the only no residue carpet cleaning company. Jake Stone, General Manager, joined us to talk about why Zerorez is so unique!

The company started when they were trying to solve the problem of why carpets get so dirty, even after you’ve just cleaned them! What the founders learned was that the problem with traditional carpet cleaning methods was that they were leaving a soap residue in the carpets! Soap residue gets sticky, which attracts new dirt right back into the carpets.

The formula starts with their water. Zerorez Carpet Cleaning is the only cleaner using a Powered Water Technology for cleaning. It’s water that’s been electrically charged, which adjusts the Ph making it perfect for cleaning. When you touch it, it feels slick just like a soap, it acts like a soap and more importantly it cleans like a soap. But it’s just water. It’s even safe enough to drink! Zerorez uses no soaps, no detergents or harsh chemicals, and the process is totally safe for you, your kids and your pets. 

Today is the last day of Zerorez’s 2-day summer sale! Call 801-288-9376 or visit or to schedule and receive $50 off your cleaning.

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