Christie Brinkley out of Dancing with the Stars

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  • On Good Things Utah today – Super model Christie Brinkley is injured after several weeks of DWTS dance practice. She fell and now has to have surgery on her elbow and wrist, so her 21 year old daughter is stepping in to take her place. We have all the late breaking dancing details! Plus, a woman swallowed her engagement ring while she was sleeping, and you won’t believe why… And should you change everything when you leave a relationship? Deena Marie says not so fast, find out why you should hold onto that hairstyle. And do you suffer from workplace burnout? Surae has ideas to help you get inspired again on the job.
  • And in our bonus round of hot topics this morning, what is the number one text that parents send their kids? Nicea sent it to her daughter just last night. And parenting styles are evolving with social media. We’ll tell you what it means to be a “free range” parent. And finally, is there actually going to be an UBER for kids? And what would you think about it? Our ladies seem to be divided.
  • And finally on the show, habits you probably have in your kitchen that need to stop! (many of these could be personally for Brian;) Hope you join us for a Monday edition of Good Things Utah.

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