SALT LAKE CITY, UT (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Life can hit us with curveballs sometimes. Which can leave us with extra stress when the unexpected happens. On January 12th Ganel Lyn Condie fell from a barstool and shattered her left wrist. She broke 52 bones and had to undergo surgery. Because of this unexpected injury she has spent the last few weeks recovering and has needed assistance to complete basic tasks. She says that this experience has shown her how grateful she is for the people around her who have helped her during this rough time.  

Ganel-Lyn‘s hope in sharing her story is that she can help others that are going through an unexpected change. From these experiences you can learn about yourself and your family. It will expand your knowledge of your body and how it heals. Plus, how your mind can adapt to tricky situations. She gives 5 tips on how to learn and grow when the unexpected happens.  

1. give yourself time to be in shock. 

2. receive help – this is hard but becomes a tender opportunity to connect with others in vulnerable ways 

3. focus on what you can do  

4. spend money on support – it will give you the bandwidth to do the things you cannot assign out 

5. healing is painful both physically and emotionally. Acknowledging the pain does not give it power but gives you power to process and then pivot. 

Ganel-Lyn is a popular motivational speaker with many inspirational books, conferences, etc. For more check out her website and social media.