Kaushay Ford joined us on the show today to talk about her new children’s book series. She hopes to highlight heroes that are often underrepresented and give children heroes that are real people.

Ford is the co-author of the Little-Known Heroes children’s books and shared a little bit about each of the characters and what makes them heroes. The series started from her inspiration, Claudette Coleman. Ford grew up listening to stories told by her grandmother about Coleman’s activism in the Civil Rights Movement. This was the first of many inspirational stories she felt moved to highlight in her books.

One of her hopes in writing these books is that it will inspire meaningful conversations between parents and children about difficult topics. Reading these books at bedtime can provide an opportunity to educate and teach kids empathy at a young age. The series is recommended for children ages 5-8 years old.

Kaushay and her husband hope to ultimately help strengthen families and communities. If they can help open these conversations through their books, then hopefully the kids will know that they can talk to their parents about other hard things they may be struggling with.

Find out more about the series on social media and visit their website to get these books in your home. You can also use the code “GOOD THINGS” for 10% off through 11/20.