Blair Blackwell, Manager of Corporate Affairs, Salt Lake Refinery at Chevron joined Good Things Utah to make an important announcement regarding Tier 3 fuel.

Tier 3 is a set of national standards that require refineries to significantly reduce the sulfur content in gasoline. To comply refineries can either lower the sulfur in the fuels they produce or purchase sulfur credits. Given the challenge we all face with air quality here in Utah, Chevron has committed to produce these lower sulfur fuels. And they are pleased to announce that lower sulfur fuel is now available.

Chevron made the commitment to the Governor of Utah a few years back and they’ve done a lot to fulfill their promise. To meet Tier 3, the Refinery made a multi-million dollar investment in their facility to create low-sulfur fuels. Their teams built two new process units and put a lot of engineering into making it all possible. They’re also consistently testing product to make sure they meet this new standard. Employees are as excited as the public with this accomplishment. Chevron’s employees, just like you, live here too and strive for cleaner air for their kids in the near future. They’re incredibly proud to make Tier 3 available to consumers.

The lower sulfur Tier 3 is available now at Chevron and Texaco stations throughout the state.

This change will have an immense impact on air quality. Tailpipe emissions from vehicles are the largest source of pollution during winter inversions and the summer ozone season. Tier 3 gasoline used in Tier 3 vehicles can result on average in an 80% reduction in tailpipe emissions, the equivalent of taking 4 out of 5 cars off Utah’s roads.

Chevron’s Salt Lake Refinery has worked hard to reduce facility air emissions by 90 percent since 1990 while continuing to deliver quality, affordable fuel for consumers. They’ve also worked with community organizations, such as UCAIR, to implement programs like the wood-burning stove exchange to help reduce emissions from small area sources.

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