Salt Lake’s Juneteenth event is celebrating black joy this Saturday.
Cleopatra Balfour from the Utah Arts Alliance came by to share about the upcoming event.

Salt Lake Juneteenth Celebration & Black Owned Business Expo
-Free community event, open to the public, Adobe
-Black Art Exhibit, Smith’s Entertainment Stage, Comcast Roller Skating -Rink, Black Owned Businesses lining the streets of the Gateway

Historical Background
-Recent signing of the bill designating Juneteenth as a federal holiday – Historic
-Juneteenth signifies freedom. For Black Americans and ALL Americans.
-Emancipation Proclamation was signed in January of 1863 but the last slaves weren’t informed of their freedom until June 19th, 1865.

Utah Celebrations
-Celebrations have been going on all month.
-The community wanted to support events in the major localities on nonopposing dates.

Utah County Juneteenth 2 weeks ago
-Had a special focus on Utah Black History.
-Performers were Aaliyah Rose and Alex Boye.
-32nd Annual Freedom & Heritage Festival this past
-Has been a staple in the black community.
-Focus was on a scholarship pageant and great entertainment.

Salt Lake Juneteenth Celebration & Black Owned Business Expo

Celebrating Black Joy: The Events are Celebrations of Resilience & Joy
Fun family-friendly activities:
-Kids Corner
-Bounce House
-Black History
-Museum Bus
-Roller Skating for Adults and Kids If you register online ‘Let’s Roller Skate’ will be providing free rentals.

Pandemic was disproportionately hard on Black-owned business so one of our goals of Salt Lake Juneteenth is to showcase Utah’s Black-owned businesses.

Providing Business Development support

In partnership with the Salt Lake Department of Economic Development and many of our amazing sponsors such as Smiths, Adobe, Comcast, Utah Department of Community & Culture, Lucid, Utah Jazz & Zions Bank,
14 Business Development Grants will be given out at the event.

Black Art Gallery
-8 Visual Creative Grants will be given out to Black Artists
-Artists will also have a chance to be included in the upcoming 3 month Black Art Exhibit at Utah Arts Alliance’s Alliance Theatre.

Find Celebration & Black Owned Business Expo online.