Cynthia Fleming, Executive Artistic Director of Salt Lake Acting Company came by the studio to talk about the upcoming production, Audrey Cefaly’s ALABASTER which will be available to stream on-demand through the 30th. They’re also in the process of a huge renovation and raising $1M to remodel to make their 130-year old building accessible.

  • SLAC’s 1 Million Dollar Capital CampaignSalt Lake Acting Company just launched a 1 Million Dollar Capital Campaign to make its 130-year old building more accessible to the public. 
  • The campaign is called THE AMBERLEE FUND. It’s named after SLAC’s late patron, Amberlee Hatton-Ward, who used a wheelchair for mobility. (Cynthia can elaborate more on this story and her mother, Shauna Rasmussen Hatton-Ward’s involvement.) 
  • Amberlee passed away in 2019. To honor her legacy, SLAC decided to install an elevator.
  • SLAC worked with local nonprofit architectural firm ASSIST Inc Community Design Center to design the major reconstruction of the lobby, bathrooms, and elevator. Maddox Construction is handling the actual labor. 
  • They’re also partnering with city home COLLECTIVE, which has designed some really exciting and modern interiors for the lobby, box office, bathrooms, patron lounge (our “green room”), and dressing rooms.
  • It’s part of an overarching initiative IDEA: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility.
  • So far, over $800k has been raised, $500k of which is part of a matching grant provided by the Linda & Don Price Legacy Fund. 
  • People can learn more and donate online.

Currently playing at SLAC: ALABASTER

  • They’re currently producing a virtual world premiere of Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright Audrey Cefaly’s ALABASTER. 
  • It’s a darkly comic tale of loss, grief, redemption, and healing. (There are talking goats!)
  • While it’s a digital production, we kept the entire theatrical design team to enhance the experience for our audiences.
  • They shipped 4 separate mini-sets, props, lighting, and sound equipment to 4 actors spread across the country. (1 in Hawaii, 2 in California, 1 in New York).
  • The production was directed, stage-managed, and filmed remotely. 
  • It streams on-demand through SLAC Digital (Their platform created in partnership with the Salt Lake Film Society) now through May 30th.

Find Salt Lake Acting Company online or call 801-363-7522 to get more info.