SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – (Good Things Utah) Director of the Spectrum Academy Brad Neilson emphasizes the importance of giving students who have been diagnosed with Autism an education tailored to their experience. Spectrum Academy is a school for those on the spectrum to learn, live and grow.

Spectrum Academy has two campuses, one in Salt Lake and one in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Totaling 1550 students, the Spectrum Academy is making changes in the education of people with Autism. 

Elise Hess, parent of a student at the Spectrum Academy, said that this program caters to each person’s individual needs and changes the way education is achieved. This school makes a difference in the child and the family’s life. 

The STARS Program is for those who have higher needs than some. The program is to enhance the ability to connect with students and expand the school to allow access to more children. STARS is specially constructed for the unique needs of its students, complete with a fully functional simulated living space to specialty sensory and therapy rooms designed to meet a variety of behavioral needs. 

Neilson encourages those who may have the need for this school to get onto the waitlist. The program, unique and successful in nature, is ideal for children who experience Autism. 


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