SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (Good Things Utah) Alignment coach Shantel Reitz joined us in the studio to tell us about what role our emotional needs play in building and breaking our habits. As an alignment coach, Reitz helps people find who they truly are and shed the layers that impede us from being our authentic selves.

Whenever a new year starts, people tend to start changing their behavior. While it is important to want to break the patterns, this should be something we focus on year-round rather than just the beginning of the year. It is easy to try to make a change for the sake of changing, but it is crucial to find the emotion reason why the behavior exists. Without recognizing the emotion behind the pattern, we will likely fall back into the same pattern. Once the need has been recognized, we can find a new and healthy way to meet our needs as well as create lasting effects. This is something we can all work towards at our own pace and focus throughout the year.