Charity Lighten, a Change Coach joined hour one of GTU to share how one can diminish the feeling of feeling “stuck.” Lightens’ job as a coach is to help people take action in their lives, or in other words to help them get “unstuck” and move forward. 

We all want to live a life of high-performance and excellence. The only problem is that life gets in the way. “An object at rest will remain at rest”.

7 Reasons why you are stuck and not moving forward

  1. Analysis paralysis – we can’t make a decision
  2. Imposter syndrome – not “worthy” and limiting beliefs
  3. Shiny Object syndrome – so many interests and distractions
  4. Fear of failure or rejection
  5. Time Management – procrastination or time wasters
  6. Burnout – the need for self-care
  7. Mindset – this is a big one we work on

Lighten also offers a 6-week course called Change Academy. This course is designed to help people overcome different obstacles, help them fill the gap in who you want to be, and how they are actually showing up each day! 

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