Master numerologist Juhl T. Helias joined us to share her beautiful advice on how to stay positive during these uncertain times. Staying centered within yourself, connecting to your heart, monitoring your mind, your intuition, and staying logical are the keys.

It’s easy to feel the panic and overwhelm of others, and when this hits, Juhl tells us to get back to center using a technique which brings focus to our breath. Simply breathe in for four seconds, pause, then slowly blow out for four. Again, while connecting to your heart. Again, with an awareness of your body sensations, and pushing out anything that isn’t natural to you. Again, locking onto your brain, your command center.

Juhl is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to recognizing red flags within our programming, de-stressing, and coming back to a peaceful centered place. She is currently offering 50% off her “Emotional Trigger Release” services when you mention GTU, and is available to connect with you via phone. For more, visit