Brazilian Arts Center is a 501c3 nonprofit for Brazilian Arts & Culture. Founded in 2017, the BAC is determined to share the beautiful, rich and diverse culture of Brazil here in Utah. Founders of BAC, Carla Locatelli and Jessica Hunt came to Good Things Utah to discuss the center. Locatelli, who was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil talked about how jovial and festive the culture is. “[It is] very vibrant [and] it is very diverse. Brazil is a huge country and the different regions that you go to, you’re going to see things that are different,” said Locatelli.  “For instance, we have different accents. We can tell where each one of us are from depending on the way that we speak. Culinary, dance, music; we have a lot in common, we also have a lot of diversity, culturally. It’s also a very warm culture, I would say. Very welcoming.”

The BAC is always looking to showcase art from local artists with Brazilian ties and roots and any Brazilian content creators. The center also offers Portuguese lessons for those looking to learn a new language. These events have been well received by Utahans. “People are loving it! Every event that we do, everything we do, we’re getting new people, reaching new people to come. We’ve had really good feedback and they keep coming back. We have a lot of repeat clients [and] customers.” said Hunt. There are always ways local community members can help by donating and volunteering. One of the featured artists, Monoblocco, is a band hailing from Brazil, came to perform on GTU. With a unique Samba inspired sound, they have been performing all over the US with Salt Lake City being their second to last stop in their US Tour. They will be performing at Liquid Joe’s tonight, Jul. 8 at 7 p.m.  

To learn how you can volunteer and donate, visit For updates on events, follow BAC’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.