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  • On Good Things Utah today – Gymnast Simone Biles breaks all kinds of records over the weekend, find out what the powerhouse athlete is doing now. Plus, celebrity moms post what keeps them going as mothers. It’s all part of a new movement on social media started by supermodel Kate Upton. Plus, a happy announcement coming from the family of Bode Miller, this after his one year old daughter passed away just last year in a swimming pool. And when it comes to feeling centered and happy, have you ever thought of baking? Why therapists say it could be just what you need to help with your blues. And finally, what REALLY gets rid of belly fat? Deena Marie says it might not be what you think.
  • Oh, America has finally spoken! What is our favorite sandwich of all time? We share our go-to’s (Brian is definitely a fan of PB&J). And why is ghosting so darn heartbreaking? Brian is giving us dating advice this morning. Hope you join us for a Monday edition of Good Things Utah.

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