SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH- (Good Things Utah) Becky Edwards, former Utah House of Representative and former U.S. Senate Candidate and Diane Acevedo, co-founder of Utah’s 40 over 40, came to GTU to share their big plans elevating and empowering women over 40 in the Beehive State.

For the past five years, Utah has ranked 50th in the nation for women’s equality and also have one of the largest wage gaps in the US. Women earn 30% less than men. Because of this, Acevedo and Edwards want to amplify women’s voices and support the talented women through out the state. After running for U.S. Senate in 2022, Edwards saw the importance of representing and embracing women throughout the state. “This state is made up of remarkable women who want to support each other,” said Edwards. “I really do feel optimistic about the future for women in this state.”

Acevedo and Edwards believe women can elevate their voices are confidence. “I think we [as women] apologize to much,” said Acevedo. “We do not need to apologize for our thoughts about out beliefs. Acevedo believes women have intuition that deserves to be shared and there is no need to be timid.

Utah’s 40 over 40 will be hosting an event at Utah Valley University on Nov. 9. The event will take place from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. There will be a panel of speakers including Missy McGlone, Account Executive of The Buckner Company as well as Nicole Tineo, Litigation Support Manager for Quinn Emmanuel.