SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — The aviation industry is a male dominated industry, and female pilots around the world are looking to change that. This week is national Women in aviation week, and two female captains with Utah-based SkyWest Airlines, Courtney Luttmer and Jessica Washburn, stopped by the show to tell us their story of being a pilot. These two ladies didn’t originally want to become a pilot, but they fell in love with the industry after taking a few aviation classes in college. Courtney originally was going to go to medical school, but she didn’t want to do all the schooling and learned to love aviation. To become a pilot, it takes many hours of practice, classes, etc. One suggestion they make for girls trying to go into aviation is doing your research on schools and programs.  

They also shared one thing people could do to improve flying. They say flight attendants are there for your safety so treating them as nice as you can and obeying them would help keep you safe up in the air. Also respecting them for what they are doing and what they ask you to do will help keep conflict out of the air as well.  

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