Jon and Mary Kaye Huntsman stopped by Good Things Utah, fresh from their return from Russia, where Mr. Huntsman served as U.S. Ambassador for two years. The couple talked about the importance of Veterans Day and honoring our military men and women. The Huntsmans actually have strong ties to Good Things Utah, because their daughter Abby, who now hosts The View, was an intern here years ago. Mary Kaye says Abby credits her GTU internship for sparking her career in broadcasting.

Veterans Day holds a special place in Jon and Mary Kaye’s hearts because they have two sons in the military. Jon said his sons were inspired to serve because of how much time they spent around first responders and active military growing up. The former governor also said Veterans day is a time to think about something bigger than ourselves. He said, “Every man and woman who puts on a uniform, by doing so, they are reflecting on something bigger than self.”

It was a pleasure having these two on the show to help us remember the importance of Veterans Day.