For Mindful Monday, Motivational Speaker and frequent GTU guest, Kaili Spear came to visit and share how to celebrate the wins in this ever changing world in which we live in.  It can be hard to find the good when we are faced with defeat but fortunately Spear has the best way to shift our mindset and recognize the victories and have pride in what we do. 

Spear says it’s all about the journey of self acknowledgement. Oftentimes people feel disheartened after they’ve had something not pan out the way they had wanted and won’t snap out of that until a new happy situation occurs. Spear says we don’t need to wait until it gets to that point to be proud of ourselves and that we can set up a system to get us out of that funk.  “Something interesting happens to us  chemically  when we feel like we have a win. So, think of a time you had really high self esteem,” said Spear. She used an example of GTU host Deena Manzanares who had received a standing ovation for her performance in ‘Sleeping Beauty’s Dream’ at Eccles Theater.  “You feel like you can take on the world at that point!” Spear said those feelings of pride come from testosterone that helps us feel like we’re invincible. She also said, likewise when we feel embarrassed, shamed or disappointed our testosterone levels go down. The trick is to boost those testosterone levels and get the dopamine running. Creating achievement paths is worth celebrating and the pieces of the journey versus the overall big picture. If we don’t celebrate the little things and the journey, we can’t appreciate ourselves. 

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