Celebrating the Summer Games

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Tokyo 2020 kicks off next Friday, July 23, and we’re planning for a celebration! Adriana Hanson from Fun, Love, and Family came by to share snack and decorations ideas!

Snacks & Decor

The Summer Games are finally here! Adriana is excited to throw a Summer Games party to celebrate and cheer for team USA with the kids! Here are some ideas to throw a fun Summer Games Party:


Podium – Zurcher’s has a fun one! 

Olympic Rings – You can make them out of paper plates and colored paper

Medals – Amazon, Zurchers, or Dollar Store

Olympic torch – Amazon, Zurchers, or Dollar Store

Countries flags – Amazon, Zurchers, Dollar Store

Decorate cookies/cupcakes with Olympic Rings and/or team USA colors

Make your Olympic torch with colored paper, and also make your gold medal!

Olympic cupcakes: Use white frosting and fruit loop rings
Olympic drinks: Sprite and lifesavers
Olympic torches: Small ice cream cones with Cheetos USA fruit platter

Javelin throw with pool noodles – The one who can throw it the farthest wins!
Hurdles race with pool noodles on the ground
Olympic ring toss – Use pool rings and a 2-liter soda bottle for a fun game
Discus throw with a frisbee (could be covered in gold paper)
Balance beam – Use a piece of wood or get a folding foam one and see who can stay in balance doing tricks the longest!

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