Activist and artist, Cat Palmer joined us to talk about her family’s favorite holiday, Pride. She gives us all the latest details on how, when, and where to celebrate!

Her kids once told her as soon as Christmas has fun rainbow parades they will like it better! Cat’s kids sleep in on Christmas and they are up bright and early for the pride parades. They love inclusion, all the rainbows, and they can feel the love! All other parades have disappointed them since they started attending these at ages 4 & 5. She has a non-binary 11-year-old kid and a 12-year-old ally son.

It’s always the first week of June and the parade is always on Sunday. Because of Covid, things look different this year.

Urban Lounge has a kick-off party Thursday. All weekend you can learn the history and stories. 

Sunday a march/rally is happening. Places like the Sun Trapp will have merchandise. You do not have to be gay to attend Pride! You can come out and show your love for your community! One of Cat’s favorite things from the first year she first attended was “Mormons building bridges”… It brought tears to her eyes seeing people showing up and showing their love. Some folks have mixed feelings about how corporate pride has become. But for Cat and her kids, it means something more. This is where she first attended when she was still in the closet and it’s sentimental to her. This is where her one kid was first able to express themselves without feeling judged. It’s a safe space for a lot of people and a lot of kids.

Last year things were canceled because of the pandemic, so Cat took her kids to her photography studio and let them dress up and they took photos.

Cat loves how supportive the University of Utah was recently and they even added the new colors to their U! It feels inclusive living in the city as a gay woman.

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