Celebrating Involved Dads: Together Time for Dads

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Fathers Day is coming up and we want to celebrate involved dads everywhere. When it comes to parent education, dads can often get overlooked, which means they get even less training, information, and support. Today we’ll provide a little bit of each of those. Alisa van Langeveld from ’10 Minutes Together’ came by to share with us the benefits of involved Dads and how to support them.

Involved fathers have a powerful impact. Today we’ll talk about the BENEFITS of involved dads and how to support and encourage involvement using a “Together Time Starter Kit – for Dads”.

Dr. Alisa Van Langeveld is an Adjunct Professor in Family Studies, a parenting expert, and a mom of 4. She is the founder of “10 Minutes Together” online where she teaches parenting skills focused on the power of one-on-one connection.  

BENEFITS: of Involved Dads

Healthy, strong families come in lots of different styles. If your family includes a dad, that relationship can provide a rich source of connection and growth. Father’s involvement in the everyday activities, such as sports, games, meals, housework, reading, hobbies, and play. Everyday moments hold more weight than the large, extravagant, out-of-the-ordinary types of activities. 

Involved fathers have a powerful impact on:

-Children (cognitively, socially, emotionally)

-Families (overall better family functioning, adaptability, and closeness)

-Marriages (happier marriages, the partner is happier too)

-Own well-being (time with kids is a reprieve)

To support father involvement, Moms can encourage and support but should not take this on as their responsibility.

STEP 1: Self-awareness (mindsets)

Embrace the idea that child-rearing is “men’s work”. Maintain expectations that men WILL be involved. Reject the stereotype of the bumbling dad. Be aware of “gatekeeping” behaviors (stepping in to solve problems, providing too many instructions, correcting, changing)

STEP 2: Talk about it. 

Be explicit in expectations and plans. Without talking, we revert to old patterns. Keep talking.

STEP 3: Make a plan for Together Time

Together Time Starter Kit for Dads, find on Instagram.

Father involvement builds momentum. Research shows the more dads play and interact with their kids, the fewer behavioral problems with their children, and that leads to more interaction. The reverse is also true. Together Time can be an intervention. 

Not all families have a dad, and that’s ok too. The goal of all parenting is to create a place to feel safe, happy, and connected. Families without Dad’s create those spaces as well.

Find Alisa Van Langeveld on IG.

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